Bog - Bassett-Lowke Waterline Ships Models
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The nostalgia for the great passenger ships of the first half of this century is vividly recalled in this book on the world famous model-making firm of Bassett-Lowke, with their production af small scale waterline ship models manufactured between 1908 and 1950. Also recorded is the incredible range of warships of all nations produced between 1938 and 1952 for The Royal Navy and RAF for recognition and training purposes.
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Bog - Ocean Steamers
This superbly illustrated history of the steampowered passenger ship detals its story from the SAVANNAH of 1819, through to the 83,650 ton QUEEN ELIZABETH of 1940, and on to the last significant steam passenger ship built in 1969, the 25,000 ton HAMBURG.
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Bog - The Allure of Toy Ships
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American and European nautical toys from 19th. and 20th. centuries.
This book contains over 200 pages representing 120 manufacturers.
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Ark - Skibe Danske
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" Klip dem ud - Sæt på Prop - Stil dem op "
Skønt gammelt klippeark med danske skibe.

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Malebog - World War II Warships
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