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The Illustrators of Children’s Books and Postcards 1900-1950

Postcards from the Nursery is a tribute to the legions of children's illustrators - the renowned and the unsung heroines and heroes of children's illustration in the early 20th century - when postcards were an essential communi-cations medium. They, together with mass circulation magzines, provided illustrators with a stepping stone to even greater achievements. Many, like Anne Anderson, Mabel Lucie Attwell, Cicely Mary Barker and Arthur Rackham took that successful step, others never received the accolades they deserved. This book provides a glimpse of how they coped in trying circumstances. The 750 picture postcards contained within display a rich variety of illus-trative styles, covering a period of over 40 years.
All the traditional nursery themes imaginable are to be found - including nursery rhymes, fairy tales, fairyland fantasy, games and pastimes and many more. In addition, the history and commercial activities of most of the prominent postcard publish-ers are discussed. The lives and work of 90 or so artists and illustrators, many hitherto undocumented are included, accompanied by photographs, postcards in full colour, and other relevant juvenilia. The appendices provide a fascinating insight into the range of books and postcards illustrated by the featured artists.
The book will form an important source for librarians, collectors, dealers and all those interested in the graphic arts and popular children's publishing.

Dawn and Peter Cope
New Cavendish Books
Size: 270 x 285mm
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